Regulations of Jackie Chan Action Movie Week

General Principals
  1.1 This regulation covers participants in competition only for Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, a major event of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF).
  1.2 Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) was ratified by the State Council of China, and is one of the FIAPF-accredited non-specialized competitive worldwide film festivals.
  1.3 Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, named after the famous action movie star Jackie Chan, aims to be a grand showcase of stuntman's extraordinary performance, cultivates new Chinese action film stars, and promotes Chinese action movies in a better way.
  1.4 In 2017, The 20th Shanghai International Film Festival will be held from June 19th (Sat.) to June 26th (Mon.). Jackie Chan Action Movie Week will be held from June 19th (Mon.) to June 23th (Fri.).
  1.5 The definition of action film: A motion picture whose storyline involves fast-paced activity and conflict, usually including such elements as a heroic protagonist, violent fights, acrobatic stunts, chase scenes, and gunplay.
  1.6 For the submitted films that are in dispute about their category,the Festival will decide unilaterally whether the films in question are acceptable.
  1.7 The festival chooses and invites action movies to be presented in competition section and to be screened in the designated cinemas from June 19th to June 23th, 2017.
  1.8 Applicants have the rights to decide whether the film to be screened on the official partner website or not. No film selected may be withdrawn for any reason from the Festival once its participation has been officially confirmed by the film sender.
  1.9 During the entire Festival, none of the films selected may be shown outside the Festival's designated theaters and the official partner website.
  1.10 Participation in Jackie Chan Action Movie Week implies adherence to the regulations as here set out. It is the responsibility of producers, distributors, or other organizations submitting a film to ensure that they are legitimately entitled to enter a film in the Festival.
1.11 Subject to the laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China (hereinafter, for purpose of this Regulation, excluding Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao), the ultimate right of explanation of this Regulation belongs to the Organizing Committee of SIFF.

  About competition
  2.1 For Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, one winner for each of the following awards will be selected by online selecting (the professionals and the public juries) combine with offline voting (the audiences).
  2.1.1 An award for Best Stunt Film (presented to the film producer).
  2.1.2 An award for Best Stunt Director (presented to the film director).
  2.1.3 An award for Best Stunt Coordinator (presented to the stunt coordinator).
  2.1.4 An award for Specialty Stunt (presented to the stunt man. The specialty stunt includes but not limited to violent fights, stunt rigging, chase scenes, gunplay).
  2.1.5 An award for Best Fight (presented to the person or team who design the scene of best fight).
  2.1.6 An award for Best Actor(presented to the actor).
  2.1.7 An award for Best Actress (presented to the actress).
  2.1.8 An award for New Talent (presented to the actor/actress from the selected film. The film must be the first, second or third full-length action film that he/she performed with impressive role play).
  2.2 Selecting Rules
  2.2.1 Online selection: The Festival invites the professionals and 30 public Juries to vote for each award.
2.2.2 Offline vote: The festival will arrange volunteers to assist the voting in each cinema. The award for certain selected film will be printed on the ticket, and the audiences need to tear apart the designed ticket and toss it into the boxes for certain awards to complete the vote.

  3.1 Action Movies that meet the following conditions may be chosen for invitation in Jackie Chan Action Movie Week.
  3.3.1 Film that has been completed in the country of origin from June 1st, 2016.
  3.3.2 The minimum running time is 70 minutes.
  3.3.3 Format: 35mm film print or DCP.
  3.3.4 Authorize Shanghai International Film Festival to screen the selected film in designed cinemas.
  3.3.5 Films in languages other than English must be subtitled in English. The subtitling expenses are the responsibility of the producers. The producers must provide the Festival with complete English subtitled lists which in accordance with those on the print.
  3.3.6 A DVD screener (in standard or high definition format) for preview purposes could be provided. The version of the submitted film in DVD screener must consistent with the print.
  3.2 For versions not corresponding exactly to this definition, the Festival will decide unilaterally whether the films in question are acceptable.
3.3 All films will be electronically subtitled in Chinese during the Festival. Translation of subtitles from English to Chinese and the screening of the subtitles will be complimentarily operated by the Festival.

  4.1 All participants must complete on-line registration at SIFF official website,, starting from November 15th, 2016. The deadline for registration is April 15th, 2017.
  4.1.1 For competition, participants should apply for “Jackie Chan Action Movie Week” under the page of “FILM ENTRY >APPLY”, and then select an award you compete for and fill in the relevant info.
  4.2 The deadline to submit the DVD screener to our office is April 15th, 2017. The film is qualified when the DVD is received.(Please see the mailing address in 5.1)
4.3 It is the applicants’ responsibility to guarantee the authenticity of the submitted information.

  Contacts and Mailing address for materials
  5.1 Mailing Address for DVD Screener:
  Shanghai International Film Festival
  21F, No.211 KANG DING ROAD.
  Shanghai 200041
  P.R. China
  5.2 Contacts for application:
  Yan Qi
  Tel: 86-21- 22009857
  5.3 The Festival encourages producers or distributors of the selected films to promote and advertise films by putting up posters at the Festival designated location. The Festival’s press office requests producers or distributors to provide numbers of film posters, brochures, stills and trailers for promotion purposes.
  5.3.1 More documentation on each selected film including film stills, photo of director for catalogue uses, as well as English subtitled/dialogue list, poster and film trailer, must reach the Festival before April 15th, 2017.
  5.4 Mailing address for the prints (DCP or 35mm)
  Consignee: Shanghai Expotrans Ltd.
  c/o Shanghai International Film Festival
  Add: No.449, BAO TONG ROAD,
  Tel: 86-21-6013 1818
  *Please make sure to ship your print to the above address and consignee to smooth up customs clearance in China.
  *Please kindly inform us the name and format (35mm or DCP) of the film, and the date of sending, and AWB number through e-mail.
  5.4.1 Prints of the selected films must reach the Festival before May 31st, 2017. It is obligatory for the participant to follow the shipping instructions and specifications for technical requests which accompany notification of film selection into the Jackie Chan Action Movie week.
  5.4.2 All expenses for the transport of preview screener to the Festival, including custom fees and insurance of all prints or DVD screeners, are the entire responsibility of the producers or print lenders.
  5.4.3 The Festival returns the films at its own expense including insurance fee, and pays for the insurance and storage during the period from the receipt of the prints to the return of the prints to the Forwarding Agent appointed by the Festival. The Festival is not responsible for the costs of storage and customs of prints when they are shipped out to the airport of destination port after the Festival.
  In case of damage to or loss of prints during the period from the receipt of the prints to the delivery of prints by the Forwarding Agent, the Festival is only responsible for the costs involved in making a new print according to the current laboratory rates for ordering a standard print.