Jackie Chan Action Movie Week will be a grand showcase of stuntman' s extraordinary performance and the innovation of special effects and technology in action film making. It aims to cultivate new Chinese action film stars and to promote Chinese action movie worldwide.

Jackie Chan action Movie Week will establish a professional election committee made up of members of action film associations, action film directors and media representatives to select films for us. We will select 20 to 25 action films in the competition section. The awards from Jackie Chan action Movie Week is called "man of steel", the award will be generated through audience voting at the designated cinemas, “man of steel” includes the following awards that will be presented at the Award Ceremony.

- An award for Best Stunt Film

- An award for Best Stunt Director

- An award for Best Stunt Coordinator

- An award for Specialty Stunt

- An award for Best Fight

- An award for Best Actor

- An award for Best Actress

- An award for New Talent