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With the Asian New Talent Award ShowingPreliminary Achievements,Chairman of the Jury Wishes to Make Common Progress

    Yee Shares His Feelings Sincerely  

  After an all-round improvement last year, the Asian New Talent Award of Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF) has provided many new talents in the film industry and many new films with valid opportunities to rise into prominence and a broader arena to grow. On March 8th, the Organizing Committee of the SIFF announced that Derek Tung-Shing Yee, the acclaimed director, will act as the chairman of the jury for its Asian New Talent Award. Online film entry is currently well under way.

Yee Shares His Feelings Sincerely

  At the 18th SIFF last year, I Am Somebody, directed by Yee, was well received among insiders and film-goers after its premiere as the opening film.In his address at the Asian New Talent Award ceremony, he made a reference to I Am Somebody and offered his sincere advices to young filmmakers, “As filmmakers, we choose a seemingly difficult path, doingseemingly impractical things and making unconstrained dreams. But once we choose our direction, however hard, we will try to reach the destination, because life is long and we don’t want to regret the things we hadn’t been courageous enough to do for the rest of our life.”

He Practices What He Preachesand Seeks Common Progress

  Yee, as the current chairman of Hong Kong Film Awards Association, has been practicing what he preaches and offering guidance to his younger peers, which earns him good reputation within the industry. His sincere address at last year’s ceremony was well received among young filmmakers, which prompts the organizing committee of the SIFF decide to invite him to be the chair of jury for this year’s Asian New Talent Award. When the committee solicited his opinions on this offer recently, the director, though busily occupied at the film set, gladly accepted it and said, “I hope to see many works from new talents that exceed my expectations and also hope to take this event as an opportunity to exchange my film ideas with other jurors. In such a grand era, I still see myself as a freshman and wish to make common progress!”

ExpandingSphere of Influenceand Achieving Results

  As a film festival that “focuses on Asia, Chinese films and new talents”, the SIFF improved its procedure of motion mechanism and established direct cooperative relations with film festivals in many other countries last year to expand its sphere of influence to build a broader international arena for new talents to grow. Such measures have achieved preliminary results recently. For example, Young Love Lost, a film nominated last year, was shortlisted in Asian Future of Tokyo International Film Festival. At Australia’s Golden Koala Chinese Film Festival held this February, Gtsngbo (River), shortlisted for the Asian New Talent Award, won the Best Picture and Jury Performance Recommendation, ATA won the Jury Award and Best Actress and North by Northeast won the Best Director. At Berlin Chinese Film Festival that just ended, North by Northeast won the Best Picture. Nezha was shortlisted for Festival of the 3 Continents.Currently, the SIFF is negotiating cooperation on new talents promotion with film festivals in Toronto, Estonia, Cairo and Mumbai.


Brief Introduction to Derek Tung-Shing Yee, Chairman of the Jury for Asian New Talent Award

  Yee was born into a family of filmmakers. His parents were a film director and an actress in Shanghai in 1940s. His brother, John Chiang, won the Best Actor at the 16th Asian Pacific Film Festival. More than 20 members of his family were bonded with the film industry.

  In 1975, Shaw Brothers (HK) Ltd. began to hire Yee as their leading actor. In the next nine years, he starred in more than 40 films, including Death Duel, Chivalrous Killer, Full Moon Scimitar and Buddha’s Palm.

  In 1986, he began to take on the role of director. The Lunatics, his first film as a director, hit the top of the box office of its genre and was named one of the “Top 10 Chinese Films of Hong Kong in 1986.”

  In 1994, C’est la vie, mon chéri broke the boxoffice record of literary films and won six major awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Actress, at the 13th Hong Kong Film Awards (HKFA). In 1995, Full Throttle was nominated for 10 awards at the 15th HKFA. In 1996, Viva Erotica was nominated for eight HKFA awards and shortlistedat the 47th Berlin International Film Festival.

  In 2003, his Lost in Time was nominated for nine HKFA awards and helped Cecilia Cheung won Best Actress for the first time. The film was also selected an Outstanding Film at the 54th Berlin International Film Festival.  

  In 2004, One Nite in Mongkok was nominated for 11 HKFA awards and won the Best Director and Best Screenplay. In 2006, Protégéhit number one at the box office and was nominated for 15 HKFA awards and helped Andy Lau won the Best Supporting Actor for the first time.

  Since 2008, Yee wrote the screenplay and directed many films of various genres and themes, including The Shinjuku Incident, Triple Tap, The Great Magician and I Am Somebody. Meanwhile, he also acted as the executive producer of several award-winning and well-received films: The Bullet Vanishes was nominated for 12 awards at the 32nd HKFA; Insanity won David Lee Kwong-Yiu, its director, the Best New Director at the 34th HKFA; and the Overheard trilogy was one of the best Hong Kong film series in the past decade.

  In 2015, Yee began to serve as the chairman of Hong Kong Film Awards Association.