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[How do I submit my application?]

Please take a look at the regulations of SIFF PROJECT on the SIFF website and have all the necessary application documents and materials ready.

Step 1.

  Browse the SIFF official website >

  Click “Project Entry” on the right >

  Register yourself and fill in the information required.

Step 2.

  After being submitted, your project will be checked by the SIFF staff >

  Once passed, the project will get a number >

  Please send the treatment to, with the project number, title and director’s name as the email subject


  The application is successful once receiving the confirmation email from SIFF.


[Do I need to pay any application fee for the submission?]

SIFF PROJECT of Shanghai International Film Festival is a non-profit platform which opens to public entry for feature film projects. It will not charge any fee for application or admission under any circumstance.


[How many projects can I submit?]

You may submit several projects; however, SIFF PROJECT does not select more than one project from one applicant.


[Can I submit my project even though I have no experience producing feature film?]

Of course you can. SIFF PROJECT welcomes emerging directors.

And the sub section “New Talent Project” is especially designed for the first and second Chinese feature film projects of the director.


[I am a script writer, may I submit my script?]

Script is only a part of a film project. Unfortunately, SIFF PROJECT only accepts projects instead of scripts.


[If my project does not have any director attached yet, is it possible to submit just with producer or writer?]

The project with attached director and producer is more likely to be selected.


[Is there any limits for the region of the project?]

We are open to every project from all over the world. However, non Chinese project is better to be a Sino-foreign coproduction. Meanwhile, the “New Talent Project” is only for Chinese language projects.


[What kind and how many of the previous works should be sent?]

Previous work is optional for the submission. You may send one or two recent major films of the director's previous works. If there is no feature-length available, short film would be possible.


[When and how the finalist will be announced?]

The finalist will be posted on the SIFF official website around mid-May. At the same time, the selected project will be contacted by the committee via email or phone. Therefore, please ensure that the email address and phone number provided are correct and operational at that time. If your contacts change, please do let us know.


[I am an investor, and I would like to look for project to invest. What should I do?]

You are very welcome to register as a buyer of SIFF and take part in the events of SIFF PROJECT, which includes project public presentation, project round table meetings and so on.

  Browse the SIFF official website >

  Click “Guest Registration” on the right >

  Choose “Buyer” to participate >

  Fill in the information required and finish the registration >

  Once successfully registered, you will be a buyer of SIFF.


If you have any other enquires, please send an e-mail to Please state your name in the email, if you are a project representative, please also state the title of your project. Or, you could call us on +86 21 6256 6365 and speak to the SIFF PROJECT team. Our lines are open Monday to Friday, from 10:00 a.m. to 5 p.m. (GMT +8). Lines are closed on weekends and public holidays.